The seeds of failure take root on our inner city streets: poverty, drugs, violence, hunger, crime, underperforming schools, language barriers, whole neighborhoods disenfranchised. Through it all, or perhaps in spite of it, our children dream.

The Colorado “I Have a Dream®” Foundation (CIHADF) helps Denver’s most at-risk youth achieve their dreams through an award-winning, 12-year program of mentoring, academic assistance, life-skills development, cultural enrichment and partial scholarships for higher education.

Life beyond the bounds of poverty is the ultimate goal. But getting there is not easy. There’s a thin line between success and failure. Welcome to life on The Edge.

"Livin' the Dream":

"Livin' The Dream" features local slam poet Bobby LeFebre and illustrates the challenges that children of poverty face. CIHAD works diligently with its "Dreamers" on navigating these issues and helps them to build the life-skills and educational foundation they need to go on to college and future success.