The seeds of failure take root on our inner city streets: poverty, drugs, violence, hunger, crime, underperforming schools, language barriers, whole neighborhoods disenfranchised. Through it all, or perhaps in spite of it, our children dream.

The Colorado “I Have a Dream®” Foundation (CIHADF) helps Denver’s most at-risk youth achieve their dreams through an award-winning, 12-year program of mentoring, academic assistance, life-skills development, cultural enrichment and partial scholarships for higher education.

Life beyond the bounds of poverty is the ultimate goal. But getting there is not easy. There’s a thin line between success and failure. Welcome to life on The Edge.

Joey At The Gala

12-year-old Joey Alexander is a talented jazz pianist from Indonesia who has performed around the world. Join us on November 5th to see him perform at the Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation's 2015 Gala. His success is truly an inspiration to us all.