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Meet Berenice and Frankie

BereniceMy name is Berenice and I am a 2nd grade Dreamer at STRIVE Prep Ruby Hill Elementary. I do not know if you have heard of my school, but it is the best. I get so excited to come here. Our teachers help us with our reading and ask us,  “What do you want to do when you’re all grown-up?” I already know I want to be a doctor so I can save people who have cancer.

In October our teacher introduced us to a frog that came here from another country on an airplane! His name is Frankie. He is from Prague. I told my teacher, that I will have an airplane to help people as a doctor. She said that is exactly what Frankie is about, traveling and making our dreams come true.

I want you to know how much I love my school and to meet Frankie! He’s a very good frog. He wants to help our school get even bigger because we are working on our dreams! Did you know what you wanted to be when you were my age? I’m 7!  Share your dreams with us on Facebook and Twitter by using #DreamFrankie. If you want, you can also help by clicking the button to give to Colorado I Have A Dream.



Where Did Frankie Come From?

A kind hearted carpenter in the Old Town Square of Prague had always dreamed of making toys, but he was too busy. One day, after finishing an oak table, he used the remaining pieces to make a frog and sat it in the window. His customers would get so excited when they saw the frog that the carpenter decided to build more to make people happy. His dream had come true! He was a toy maker at last. One day a customer came in and saw the original frog in the window, who the carpenter had named Frankie. The customer’s name was Rachael, and the frog made her think of her Dreamers in Colorado who were working so hard to realize their dreams. The carpenter then said, “Rachael, I want you to take Frankie to Colorado to inspire people to make their dreams come true. Frankie is small, but can do big things!”


Help us welcome Frankie in CO as an inspiration to dream big and never give up! Follow us @ColoDreamerKids on Twitter and Instagram to see where Frankie goes as he joins us on our journey to realize the “Dreamer School.”


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