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An inch wide, a mile deep.

CIHAD believes in quality over quantity. In long-term commitment over short-term fixes. That education can break the shackles of poverty. That every child deserves an opportunity to succeed. And in giving second chances first.

We believe that impact is measured in years and that we can do more good by helping a small number of kids over the long haul than many in the short-term. We say our approach to making positive change measures an inch wide, but a mile deep.

So, what is The Edge, really?

The Edge is a beginning or the beginning of the end. It’s a tightrope without a net. A tug of war stretched between good and bad. One misstep or missed opportunity can be all it takes to keep a child in the all-too-familiar world they’re trying to escape.

CIHAD exists to help kids navigate The Edge. We help them walk its treacherous path, giving them the support they need to make smart choices, stay in school and ultimately graduate.

Our vision.

We envision Denver as a place that boasts a 100 percent high school graduation rate. Some say “impossible,” but we say, imagine the potential. CIHAD is intent on changing one little corner of the world, one class, one child, one life at a time. It’s the ripple effect in action.